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Epoxy Coatings

Flake Epoxy Coatings

Levelling Cement

S.P.A. Sydney

Epoxy Coating may be used in industrial kitchens as they are seamless, non slip and easy to clean. The Epoxy is available in a range of colours. Other areas of use are, Back of House, Corridors, Fire stairs, Wash Areas, Airport Hangers, Factory Floors, Food Plants, Workshops and the list goes on.

Flake Epoxy floor is a decorative look. The flake comes in a range of colours. You may choose your base colour and blended with the flake to give great effects.

Levelling cement is used for floor preparation for a various range of floor coverings including,  Timber, Carpet, Vinyl, and Tiles. We can even use it to create falls to drains.

Line Marking is used for safety in large or small food processing factories. What ever you require we aim to make it happen.